About Carbon Rho

Our Vision is Clear

To become a trusted advisor concerning management of natural capital for landowners, leveraging their inherent ecological value, and to establish ourselves as the trusted source of carbon credits for corporate clients committed to a science-based, net-zero emission strategy.

Purchasing "Credits" for a Greener Tomorrow

We offer carbon credits sourced from our conservation pool of Natural Climate Solutions, catering to businesses determined to leverage nature-based solutions as part of their net-zero emission strategy. Every project we undertake undergoes a meticulous third-party validation and verification process, ensuring that the credits, meet stringent criteria for permanence and quality.

Our close collaboration with certification organizations and standards bodies guarantees that every credit bearing their name complies with the industry’s best practices. Upon retirement against an emission, each credit provides a 1-metric ton “offset” that effectively balances emissions produced in one location with reductions or removals achieved elsewhere.

Investing in voluntary offsets not only enhances a company’s sustainability efforts but, for publicly traded firms, it can also positively impact their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rating, which, in turn, influences capital access and costs

Meet our Leaders

Brian Thomas (Partner/CEO)

Mr. Thomas is the former Texas operation leader for a global consulting firm that consisted of a multi-disciplinary team of over 80 engineers and scientists in seven offices across the state. He has over 23 years of experience in environmental engineering for energy sector clients and was a former principal/co-owner of leading environmental consulting firm based in Austin. Mr. Thomas holds a BS in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. While at SMU, Brian played a leadership role with the Maguire Energy Institute evaluating how firms were planning to navigate the on-going energy transition as well as associated ESG-related threats and opportunities.

Chris Mitchell (Partner/COO)

Mr. Mitchell is currently a Partner with Rimrock Energy Partners, LLC, and was formerly President & COO of Rimrock Midstream, LLC. He has over 25 years of experience in the energy and environmental science sectors developing energy infrastructure and as the founder of a leading environmental and hydrogeologic engineering firm. He has extensive experience negotiating commercial and service agreements, overseeing large-scale infrastructure construction projects, and with environmental permitting, compliance, and due diligence services associated with energy infrastructure. He holds a BS in Environmental Science from Texas Christian University and an MBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University.

Matt Valentine (Partner/CFO)

Mr. Valentine is currently a Partner with Rimrock Energy Partners, LLC, and was formerly Chief Financial Officer of Rimrock Midstream, LLC. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, capital markets, financial analysis, and investment strategy. Prior to founding Rimrock Midstream, Mr. Valentine was Managing Director of Millbrook Equity Partners, a boutique Private Equity Advisory business. He holds a BA in Economics from Washington University and has held numerous financial accreditations and licenses over his career.

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