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Red River Project FAQS

Proximity to Red River, a tributary, and/or associated wetlands is necessary for our Red River group project. Although Red River or tributary frontage is preferred, your property does not have to be located directly adjacent to the Red River.

Yes, existing timber can be inventoried and accumulation of forest-based carbon over time will be monitored as part of the project.

Yes, we will coordinate with owners prior to harvest to ensure required forest inventory is maintained within the project area.

The program is intentionally flexible for preferred management practices, including prescribed burning. Harvests must conform to the project sustainable timber management plan and NRCS timber stand improvement plans, if applicable.

No, Carbon Rho performs all necessary timber inventory and on-going monitoring activities.

Upon approval of the project baseline report and issuance of initial carbon credits, payments will occur approximately annually. Payments are based on an owner’s pro-rata contribution, as a percentage of total metric tons of carbon credits sold each transaction.

Each carbon credit represents an equivalent of one metric ton of carbon storage. Payments are made on a market-based price that will vary over time, and proceeds are based on a dollar per metric ton basis.

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