Carbon Credits & Carbon Neutral Strategy

Carbon Rho’s purpose is to progress America’s journey towards net zero carbon emissions by utilizing our extensive experience in environmental sciences and the energy industry.  We enable landowners to monetize land use practices, including forestry and agricultural residue management, while providing customers a platform to purchase the carbon credits they need to reach net zero. 

Our mission is to be the premier provider of natural climate solutions to landowners in order to leverage their natural capital, while becoming the trusted source of carbon credits for corporate customers wanting to address their impact on climate change.

Purchasing "Offsets" to Improve Sustainability

We sell carbon credits created from our conservation pool of Natural Climate Solutions to organizations that are required to meet certain greenhouse gas regulations or those companies that simply want to address its impact on climate change.  

All of our projects go through a rigorous third-party validation and verification process to ensure the credits or “offsets” they create meet applicable criteria for permanence and quality.  

Certification organizations, or Standards bodies govern the criteria that must be met in order for an offset to bear the Standard’s name.  Carbon Rho works with the different Standards to register the offsets and prepare them for sale.  The credits are called “offsets” because they literally offset an emission caused in one place with a reduction created in another place.  

The purchase of voluntary offsets improves a company’s sustainability and for publicly-traded firms the source of the offset can positively affect its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating, which can have a direct effect on access to and cost of capital.

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