Frequently Asked Questions

We work with private families, TIMO/REITs, Native American tribes, public entities or non-profit organizations.

We will work with landowners with various tract sizes but typically enroll properties in excess of 200 acres.

Commitments vary based on the applied conservation practice.  At a minimum, reforestation projects require an initial 15-year commitment with a long-term (minimum 40-year) property access agreement for monitoring the project.  Agricultural practices will mimic or utilize existing USDA Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts; hence, these projects typically require shorter term contract and monitoring periods.

In terms of land owner commitment, compliance projects often require a longer commitment for conservation practices to ensure a higher degree of permanence.  Compliance offsets are typically used in regulated cap-and-trade emissions trading frameworks.  Since the offsets are used for regulatory compliance (national, state or regional jurisdictions), the credits typically sell at a higher price.

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